Hydrogen Powered SUV

Hydrogen is the real sustainable system for the future, not the electric one which provides more or less the same pollution index of the fuel in the entire cycle from the extraction of lithium to the disposal of batteries. The problem with this model is that if they hit you, you have a lot of damage … but if you have studied hydrogen storage on board, I think it is an excellent solution.
Hydrogen FUEL-CELL is really the future of the car industry. Toyota which is the most innovative car brand is focusing on this technology with the Mirai. 100% electric cars are not gonna solve the problems of emissions and the future of mobility.
Morocco is currently the largest car manufacturing base in the Mediterranean region and number one car manufacturer in Africa with so many international car parts production facilities from around the globe. Also Morocco invested billions of Dollars in Solar and Wind energy production with projects of producing Green Hydrogen from clean sources of Energy. The geopolitical problems facing Europe nowadays with the war in Ukraine, the instability of the fossil energy markets and the gas emissions challenges, Morocco is a reliable partner for France and Europe in general to supply Green Hydrogen which is the future of clean energy.

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