Responsible Adventure Tourism In Rishikesh

The very utterance of the phrase ‘adventure tourism’ will certainly ship you to the terrain of Rishikesh. Water rafting enthusiasts from across the world visit this hill city in large numbers. The rough rapids in the course of the riverGanges, rated class 3 and class 4, is the key attracting feature for the enthusiasts. Well, adventure tourism in Rishikesh is not only limited to river rafting; there are more outdoor experiences to explore. Kayaking, mountain biking, climbing and hiking – the list goes on. Rishikesh tours are no wonder getting popular by the day. Another adventure tourism feature that is getting popular in Rishikesh is bungee jumping. This adventure sport happens to be the first and only camp of its kind inIndia. It is not only adventure enthusiasts but also corporates and school children who come in groups to indulge in something different. And then Rishikesh is also a pilgrimage centre not to mention the scenic beauty of the hill landscape feasting the eyes of every visitor. Hence, Rishikesh tours are also about pilgrimages and sight seeing.

If you plan for Rishikesh tours all by yourself without the guidance of any guide, you will miss the complete fun associated with adventure tourism or just sight seeing and pilgrimage. Take the services of a tourism company, a reputed identity that believes in responsible tourism and social responsibility. Availing the services of such a firm, you can enjoy adventure sports with the guidance and support of an indigenous team besides using local produce and minimizing food and material wastage.

Experiencing something memorable in life, moments that would change your dull and hectic life is all about planning your tour the different way. Today, it is not only corporate houses that plan adventure tourism trips for the staff but also schools for the students. And Rishikesh tours do top the list. Reaching here is easy. You can either travel by road or rail or air. For enthusiasts residing in the northern, central, and western region of the country, it is all about a matter of hours for reaching there. Worry not if you are first timers or non-swimmers. You can still be part of Rishikesh tours, especially adventure tourism. First timers, non-swimmers, and kids can equally enjoy the whole experience.

Your Rishikesh tours can be safe and fun, if you happen to seek the services of a responsible travel company. The most experienced guides of the country will guide you step by step through all the adventure tourism activities. Those who are not experienced in any of the sports can undergo short introductory sections and then jump into play using top notch equipment for total safety. The invaluable tips you get for every adventure tourism activity add to the safety measures. Yes, you can guide your own inflatable kayak (IK) through the rapids of theGanga, either alone or with a partner. Then exploring the other sports will seem like a child’s play. Plan your Rishikesh tours intelligently for that complete fun, safe, and pleasurable experience.

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