Bask in the Enigmatic Charm with Flights to Accra

Accra is a compelling destination which stretches along the Atlantic Coast. This city was built around the port and its architecture ranges from large and graceful 19th Century colonial buildings to contemporary facilitated sky touching structures made up of concrete, glass and steel in the 1970s. Accra is the capital city of Ghana and stores some pleasant surprises guaranteeing you thrilling vacations.

Alluring Attractions

Accra boasts of attractions, beaches, invigorating culture, fascinating heritage and a vacation of fun and frolic. With Cheap Flights to Accra discover the key highlights of this mesmerizing city including the National Museum, with showcases exhibitions that reflects the heritage of Ghana from primitive times to contemporary times; the National Theatre with its unique modern architecture, the Centre for National Cultural Centre and the fishing port at James Town. The city of Accra contains large department stores, the Cocoa Marketing board headquarters and a whole area known as The Ministries, where the government administration is concerted. One can even explore the markets which sells paintings, prints and postcards. You can stop by and pickup souvenirs and memoirs from here. Get utterly ravished on exploring the superlative sites including the Makola Market (the city’s central market), Liberation Square (memorial to three Ghanaians who were shot during colonial times), the tropical gardens, the Art Centre (for shopping and cultural events), the grave of Kwame Nkrumah (the first Ghanaian president) and that of W. E. B. Du Bois (the American-born civil rights leader who spent his last years in Accra) thus making the most of Flights to Accra. The shanty towns, like James Town, are like mazes with muddy lanes where goats, chickens and dogs scrabble for scraps. Exploring the old ruins of the city is sheer pleasure; homes in the shanty towns are crowded and cramped. They are mud built huts made from any materials that their owners can find. They are made of sticks, palm fronds woven into screens, sheets of corrugated iron or plywood, concrete breezeblocks and discarded packing cases from the port.

Cultural Attractions

Accra, the seat of the Ghana State, is a melting pot of several Ghanaians and other “foreign cultures.” It is home to virtually anyone who identifies himself or herself with the culture and flavour of this enchanting city that can be explored taking Cheap Accra Flights. Accra has been the capital to Ghana since the year 1877, and is a home to some of the finest public buildings reflecting its refurbishments from a 19th century suburb of Victoria burg to the modern metropolis it is today. This ravishing and culturally sound city spreads across the Atlantic coast and is well endowed with lavishness as well as great value hotels, delectable restaurants and rocking night clubs. A range of absorbing museums and fine public monuments, modern business and commercial areas, as well as busy markets and tree-lined residential suburbs, is ready to be exploited by travellers from around the world taking Flights to Accra.

Invigorating Beaches

With Accra Flights get a chance to relax in the sun at some of the most invigorating beaches set at the Atlantic coast which are popular with visitors and Ghanaians alike. La Pleasure and Kokrobite Beach are popular with the travellers at weekends. Soak up the sun, sand and sea making the most of your holidays at this enchanting city welcoming tourists with open hands.

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