Get Intrigued by Enigma while boarding Flights to Abuja

Abuja is a breathtaking city blessed with natural and architectural attractions. The enigmatic city is host to many historical and cultural structures. The astounding city has many dominant features on the serene backdrops like the Aso Rock which is sited on the environs of the city founded by the erosions of ancient waters. Though there are a handful of attractions still this city thrives with a spirited charm tempting travelers to explore Abuja.

The Rocks and Hills of Abuja: With boarding Cheap Flights to Abuja explore the sprawling rocks and hills of the Abuja. The very character of Abuja has been shaped by the two renowned rock formations around it, namely the Aso Rock and the Zuma Rock. These were formerly referred to as the ‘Gateway to Abuja’ and the Federal Capital Territory begins at its base.

Zuma Rock: The inspiring natural marvel of Zuma Rock is sited in close proximity to Abuja in the area of Kaduna which is definitely worth a visit. Enjoy the facilities and amenities which attract tourists to fly with Flights to Abuja.

Aso Rock: The Aso Rock, one of the largest rock formations within the close proximity to the Abuja City. The Central District rises to nearly 400 meters above sea level and towers regally in the background of the Three Arms Zone, named so because this area is home to the Presidential Complex, the National Assembly, and the Supreme Court. This city was derived from the term ‘Aso’ which means victory and was formerly called “Asokoro” or the people of victory. The original village of Asokoro was first situated at the base of the rock and had existed there for centuries. Plan vacations with Flights to Abuja to sight architectural and natural wonders.

Minister’s Hill: The Ministers Hill is a range of hills guaranteeing beautiful breathtaking panoramic views. After venturing this area one can head to the Dutse range which is a little further away, it is a sanctuary for several forms of wild life with baboons being the most notable. With Cheap Flights to Abuja get a chance to explore this enticing city of Africa. The Abuja Plant Nursery is also a must visit place which is sited at the foot of Aso Rock. It is a botanical garden with an astonishing collection of species of flowers, fruits, trees and many other plants.

National Arboretum: With Cheap Flight to Abuja explore the Nation Arboretum. The purpose of the Arboretum is to maintain the forest and other plant life within it in their original natural condition located in the Three Arms Zone.

Osun-Osogbo: A blissful addition to the city attractions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove holds a genuinely special place in the hearts and minds of the Yoruba people, and will delight visitors looking to experience some of the country’s indigenous culture.

Scintillating Offerings: Abuja offers thrilling shopping and the finest options are the local markets, of which the Wuse Market is reputed. Everything you can think of is available, and it is a wonderful place to buy Nigerian souvenirs such as adire (patterned, dyed cloth), batiks and pottery, leatherwork and Kaduna cotton, and carvings. Traditional beadwork, basketry and ceremonial masks are also fashionable choices. For those not keen on braving a local market, Abuja also abounds with up market shopping centers.

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